Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Welp, its been almost two full weeks at our new jobs.
Devin is pretty much in cop school right now till January, and is a Recruit, not to be confused with officer (That is what they are telling them right now). Tomorrow he gets sprayed with Pepper Spray!! YIKES! I guess its so they know what to expect if it ever gets turned around on them. Either way its going to be an awful night for him!
I am loving being with the Youth Group! It always takes me a while to settle into a new job, but I love people so this is making it much easier. Actually gave the message tonight, and it went well. I was SUPER nervous but everyone listened and didn't Boo me off, so that was a good thing! White House Black Market is going well too, its just getting used to the double part time jobs that is taking some getting used to.
Its definitely Fall now! People keep saying that I should be used to this weather and it should still feel warm... Yeah Right! I didn't like the cold weather up North so why would I suddenly be okay with it down here?! Brrrrrrr!!! Going from 80's to 60's is no fun. Trees are starting to turn so that is pretty, especially to and from the barn.
Trigger is now with our friend Lindsay and we are enjoying every play time we get with him!! Good to know he's now temporarily with someone who will love on him and not just keep him outside!
Cute Trigger pictures from this week:
 Sleepin with Momma
 And driving with Daddy! Look at how he's just looking up at Devin! TOO Cute!!!!

Till next time,

Monday, October 10, 2011

I promised pictures, so here they are! Just a few from our apartment.
 Please note the mini oven! It works great, but we just get to use cute little cookie sheets.
 You can see the shower through that door. That is our bathroom.
 Bed set. This is one of the few times its completely made.
View of the side of downstairs. There is an upstairs also, which is our living and bedroom area, however there's no good angle to get a picture of it. It is lofted so it's open from the kitchen area.
Then last, but certainly not least! As of this weekend, this is our newest addition to our family. My first dog! We named him Trigger. He is 1/2 silver lab, 3/8 pitbull, and 1/8 chow. Got him after seeing a sign go up in our neighborhood. Be prepared for more pictures of him as he gets older :)

Little job update, Devin started his TPD job today. Looks like he'll be in "school" for a while, just listening to lectures and learning in office. But good news is that we will have wonderful insurance!! Biggest blessing that he could start this job so soon! More updates as time goes on.

Love Always, Emily

Monday, October 3, 2011

Well hopefully as time goes on, my ability to do more cool things on this blog will improve. Our hope is that this can be a more personal, and detailed update on our lives throughout the next few years.
Devin and I have been married for just over two months now! Woo hoo, in so many ways it has flown by, yet so much has happened it feels like it should be a longer time period than just two months. Having my best friend as a roommate has been awesome! We're learning everyday, and just trying to have fun as much as we can as newlyweds.
We're settled in to our first little humble home. It is a barn...literally! Some friends from the church down here offered for us to rent from them. They have a cute little split studio apartment on their property, which also happens to house our housemates, George and Bell Star. Two beautiful horses :) Also not too far from our back door is a chicken coup. We are about 15 minutes from "town". It has been so fun for me to see all the cool bugs, no matter how gross or scary! Also the hills are curves are more fun to drive on that just flat straight ones. Devin is finally back home, and I am learning my new home. I don't need my GPS as much, although Tomtom has been worthless the last three times i tried using it. I'm LOVING the warmer weather!!! Also I'm diving in head first into the Crimson Tide! :) Been to two games so far and experienced my first tailgating adventures. So fun!
Jobs, it seems to be the question everyone asks after you graduate college. As of this month we are proud to say that we will finally have consistent pay checks!!! Retail is great... but not so great at making ends meet. Devin officially starts with TPD (Tuscaloosa Police Department) on Oct 10th!! This was his first choice as a job down here, and we couldn't be happier!! Full time and benefits for our little family :) Also while keeping my job at the new White House | Black Market in Tuscaloosa, I will be working part time as the Assistant Youth Pastor to Wes Pate. I'll have more emphasis on the girl ministries, but helping him with planning and other activities. Praise God for answered prayers and employment! That was a concern for me moving down to Tuscaloosa, however I've had nothing but opportunities since I've gotten here, and I cannot give anyone credit but God for that! Devin will just be learning the ins and outs of the office for a few weeks before going to the Academy around January. Then after completing that training, he will be in a squad car with a partner for 6 months, then he's on his own! He could not be more excited!
We want to thank all of you who have been keeping us in your prayers these past few months. It is really appreciated!! For all my freshly graduated friends, or those who are about to be in a similar situation to us, be confident that God will provide as long as you lean on Him and search for His will. Not always easy... I hate trusting situations that I can't contribute to the outcome, but God knows what He's doing.
I'll post some pictures later of our new place :) Currently using Devin's phone for internet.
Love Always,
Emily Kerstetter