Monday, January 16, 2012

Getting Things Together

This year has already proved itself to be a significant one. So far I've had my first birthday as a married woman. It kinda turned into a birthday week with various celebrations with friends, family, and colleagues. Mmm cake and yummy foods! (23 doesn't seem much older than 22. Officially reached the boring birthday years lol)
We are creating new relationships with other 20 something's in the area.
We also hosted our first get together in our new apartment. We had a National Championship party for the LSU vs Alabama game. ROLL TIDE!!! Had some awesome food (not pictured) and then these festive peanut butter balls. :)
Great fun with friends!! It had been so long since we had seen many of them from traveling during the holidays.
We have also accumulated some furniture for our living room. :) Between awesome garage sale deals, and making stuff it kinda looks like a home! Slip covers, paint and wall fixtures are to come!!....eventually.
Living room! (You're not allowed to see the rest of the apartment... its too messy) We are still sorting things we got from Devin's parents, or rather ignoring them in the guest bedroom. Ever notice that when there are big projects to do, everything else just seems like way more fun than working on that project? Kinda feeling the same way about decorating. As fun as it is to daydream on Pinterest, I will have to take like a whole week off just to get my butt in gear to actually work on decorating!
Devin started the State Academy today for the police department! This will be a 12 week program and at the end after his graduation, he will begin with a partner. I guess a lot of it will be review, so that is good news for him.
One resolution I guess you could say, that has shown itself for Devin and I is learning to give things over to God COMPLETELY. And trusting that He will take care of them. As humans we so often have to have our hands in everything, thinking we control our own lives. I don't know about you, but the only place that path has taken me is a dark and lonely one. So silly to think we know better than God, whether its consciously or unconsciously. So as a couple we are trying to learn what that surrender and trust looks like. Feel free to share any pointers!!!
A goal for me: take more pictures!!! I need more to share on here. I fail at taking them lol Till next time!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Years and New Lifestyles

WARNING: Wordy pictures
We had a wonderful first Christmas as a married couple! We drove 12 hours..ish up to Chicago overnight to spend a good long weekend with my parents, Trigger in tow. He did awesome! And we had a great time. Then it was over too soon! Aaaaand I totally failed at taking pictures while at home, but that was due to having so much fun!
Got to see my two bestest friends while there, and it was my first time seeing them since the wedding. Also got to meet up with some alumni from my high school gymnastics days, and literally laugh out loud at how old and out of shape most of us were. I can still flip! ....and still look like a frog.
Since being back Devin has begun shadowing some police officers before heading to the Academy later this month. He's been coming home with the coolest/funniest stories!! He got to actually arrest a few people, clear a house and approach a car with gun drawn. SO COOL!!! I love hearing about his stories each day. My youth job has been pretty slow since it's winter break, but have had a few fun times with girls at our apartment. Nails, movies, hair, and food. Good girl fun! But had to put a password on my phone...naughty girls.
With the New Year here, I've been trying to brainstorm realistic resolutions for us as a couple. Resolutions are so easy just to put off, or do for a little while then "forget" about them. I found a website that encouraged ten simple ones, but I want to go beyond the easy ones. And who says we have to start on the 1st? I want our list to be a good, well thought out list that we come up with TOGETHER. (Which may be more difficult than it sounds) One that we have come up with is be better at training Trigger.
He has A LOT of dominance issues, that are not cute. It is so normal for people to just smack or hit their dog, but through much trial and error, I've realized how wrong it is. People told Devin and I, oh you have to hit them to get them to listen and respect you. DON'T listen if anyone ever tells you this. It broke my heart the day that Trigger cowered when I raised my hand! I immediately started researching other ways. So many people rant and rave about Cesar Milan and his training techniques, however not many people stick to them consistently. We can't exactly afford obedience classes, so its taking a LOT of work to stay on top of this. If you watch any of my updates on facebook, you'll see more than a few rantings haha.
And of course, the typical personal resolution of getting into shape. But this one kills two birds with one stone! The more I go out walking/jogging with Trigger, the more I get in shape and the less crazy he is inside. I can't loose!...unless I don't do it.
I hope that all of you who have made resolutions this year, KEEP them!! Whether its just to get in shape or boost your spiritual life. Resolutions are meant to better ourselves! If Devin and I get around to making a list, I may post it on here for my other newly wed couples! :) Accountability is always appreciated!