Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Changes Keep On Comin'

As the Holidays approach Devin and I have decided to take on the adventure of moving! We are staying in Tuscaloosa/Northport, however have chosen to move more into town and to a place with a little more room. It was important to us to have a place with two bedrooms for when friends and family come to visit. We are SO excited!! Northbrook Apartments. And the best part is... We get to have Trigger for GOOD!!!!! We've felt so bad that he had to stay at a friend's house, which is part of the reason we wanted to move ASAP. Our cute little barn was perfect for those first few months, but we miss our little puppy. Who by the way, is NOT so little anymore! Just look at him!
We bring him to the vet in 2 weeks and I can't wait to hear his weight! The next few posts may be of my frustrations of training a puppy! Hahaha He is proving to be quite the persistent little man, and not always in a good way. Gotta love teething! Oooo but I love him so much! We are so excited to have him!
Work is going well for us both. Devin got his uniform yesterday and looks so studly!! ...I mean... professional. :) It's so fun to hear all his stories of training and cleaning. His boots are all shined and ready for wearing, and I can't wait till he comes home with a gun and a badge! That wont come till much later I'm sure though; probably sometime after January. WHBM is also going well. For anyone who shops there consistently, [Warning: Shameless Plug Coming] call ahead and make an appointment with your favorite associate. It will make them VERY happy!! You can call and say this is what I'm looking for, and they will have it ready for you when you come in to try on. (If you're in Tuscaloosa, you can totally ask for me! But there are two Emily's so ask for Emily K) Just makes work more fun if we have people to look forward to. Okay, plug over lol. The youth job is going great! Public speaking will be no problem for me by the end of this next semester. I'm really enjoying it, and getting to hear feedback from the kids. It also is a great personal learning experience when it comes to boundaries and maturity. (Realizing my own most of the time!) Humbling to say the least when you realize how many eyes are on you and following by example.
Got our wedding pictures!!! They were done by the amazing Samantha Jensen, and they look so good! Look on facebook for my favorite ones, and on her website is some of her previous work.
As for continuing changes, the next one is a new phone. Only has taken me 4 years...