Thursday, October 18, 2012

Crazy Life Crazy Wife

I cannot believe it has been TWO MONTHS since I last wrote!!! Oh how times flies and NOT in a good way! It seems like life is just flying by while I am moving at snail speed!
The past two months have been filled with LOTS of self discovery. Soul searching one could say. Being responsible for only me, has really shown me how irresponsible I really am. Sure I get things done that have to get done, but do I do them when they should get done? No. I so desperately want to be one of those wives that has the house spotless, enjoys cleaning, has everything decorated to a T, and still has time to do her nails and work out; all while working. Two part time jobs and my lack of motivation makes for nowhere near that goal. I have created a list of things I want to get better at, yet some I have no idea how to get myself to do them. I know how but its putting things into action part that I really suck at. I'm open for suggestions here.
I know I am not the only one who finds curling up on the couch with my puppy and a good show more appealing than doing dishes and organizing closets! My limited free time is not something I want to fill with those projects, yet I know it has to get done eventually. How do some of you super wives do it??? Cuz I am driving myself CRAZY trying to keep up with you!
I greatly underestimated the stress level of living life as a "single" woman. I do have to say though that it has made me increasingly more aware of the blessings that God puts into my life. Whether it be in the form of people, circumstances, items, or words. Just when I am about to go into full blown pity party mode, God reminds me of all the ways He has blessed Devin and I. It's those blessings that keep me going during the tough days. Though time seems to be going by so fast with a lack of accomplishment, it still feels like forever till my Other Half will be with me again.
He is doing well, and making the most out of the time he has over there. I am excited to hear of the many stories he will have when he gets back. Technology has been a HUGE help and blessing. I get to have almost daily contact with him, and a Skype chat about once a week. It almost feels like we are doing the long distance dating thing again! If you'd like to send him a letter or care package feel free to contact me for his address. He loves getting those!!! For a faster, slightly less special approach, he also has access to his computer with email. Devin has truly felt the prayers and hand of God while out and about over there. Divine protection is VERY evident. So thank you to all who are praying for him and us!
A couple fun things that have happened since I last wrote. One of my very first best friends from elementary school got married last month!! I took pictures, but haven't uploaded them yet, so they will be in the next post, or just on facebook. Katie Muir is now Katie Faser!!! She was a beautiful bride and it was so great to come home and share that day with her and her new hubby!
One goal that I made when Devin first left was to be able to run 3 miles without stopping by the time he got back. He has to do this as a normal thing for both military and police training, and I wanted to say that I could too. Slowly I started running more and more. Running with my roommate also helped because she is a speed demon! I had to run faster just to stay within one block of her so I didn't get lost on campus! I heard about a 5K called The Color Run that was coming to Tuscaloosa. While you run the 3.1 miles every 1K they throw colored powder on you. I got a team of friends to register with me and we did it! I did not stop jogging the ENTIRE time!!! I have met my goal early and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Now just to push myself further.  Here are some pics from that fun morning!

I do interesting things every once in a while, so I will try to post when those things happen.
Blogging is not exactly on the forefront of my mind these days, so sorry if it ends up being another 2 months before I post again. I will try to not allow that, but I am making no promises!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Faith, Hope, & Love

Lately it has really been on my heart to share a thought. Especially in light of world events happening, and even so many events in our own country. The thought can really be narrowed down to one word. This one word could change a life. Save a life. Or even the lack of it could end a life. This word: Love.
As I have gone through school and am now trying to manage the "real world" I have seen how love has lost its core meaning. Sure we love our spouse, our family, our friends; but that is where it seems to end. We live in a selfish society, and I will be the first to admit that my knee jerk reaction in most situations is for me. But as Christians, as human beings, is that how we are supposed to live? Why is it so easy to condemn someone because of a belief or bad past? Why do we write people off for making poor life decisions? Does it really make you feel good if you judge and separate yourself from those who have "messy" lives?
At the end of my first year at college I read something and decided that I wanted to pursue a life that exemplifies everything in that short passage. Many who read this have heard it numerous times. At weddings, around Valentine's day, or at church. Most associate it with romantic love. I want to challenge you to read this next paragraph in a different light. Imagine how your lifestyle could change if you applied EVERY phrase to each interaction you have throughout your day.
 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears. When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 
As most most see this, they think of what a wonderful model for marriage, or a relationship. Which sure, it is exactly what you should use in a marriage, but go one step beyond that. 
Instead of arguing and bragging to your co-workers, why not listen and use discernment in conversations. When you hear your friends making fun of that certain kid in class or even a close friend that has wronged someone in the group; take a stand for them. Give smiles away to ANYONE for FREE!!! Even if they scowl back.
So far it seems pretty easy, right? No major sacrifices that make you uncomfortable. But here's where I'm going to get serious for a second. Now say someone you know has started living life openly homosexual. How do you react? Do you tell them all their sins, and say they need church. Do you stop talking to them? How many of us have written off someone with an opposing view for what we see as right? Did you LOVE them? What if it was someone who you knew has cheated on their husband multiple times, and they don't seem like they have plans of stopping. Do you give them the cold shoulder? A man with tattoos and non-traditional hair starts coming to church on Sundays. Do you assume he's trouble? 
Every person, no matter their background deserves LOVE. Are your deep dark secrets better and less awful than someone elses? Are you not equally separated from God through your sin than the person you're turning your back on? We ALL have ugly spots in our lives. We all live differently. We all struggle. Yet lives are lost, hearts are hardened, and generations separated from a lack of LOVE. You don't have to understand someone to love them. No one wants condemnation. Rather we as humans strive from encouragement. Why not choose to love those around you and encourage through action? Love transcends all barriers, even if people act like they aren't affected by it. Why do you think 90% of songs are about relationships? 
Every day we have choices. We have a choice to live selfishly. Or we can choose to live in a way that shows love to ALL people. You never know what life you can change by making that choice.
The passage I posted above is from the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13:4-13. I have made this passage an outline for my life and my attitude. I am by no means perfect at following it, but it sure is humbling to use it as my standard. God loves us this way. Who are we to love any differently when we commands us to love as he loves?! I challenge you to slowly make a life change. Love others. Not just those who you are comfortable around, but EVERYONE. Stand by someone who you see struggling instead of blocking them out. Be real! Don't act all high and mighty, cuz there is only One High and Mighty Judge. You are not it. LOVE!
Our generation of believers cannot grow if all we have is faith and hope. Love is what reaches beyond ourselves and draws others in. Want to know what would happen without it?? Just look around. Love is a commitment! You CHOOSE to remain faithful to a love promise, whether it be romantic or strictly platonic. So next time you catch yourself in mid-judgement, change your attitude and choose to love. 
My prayer is that choosing love shapes your life in a major way. I know that I would not be the person I am today if God had not called me love in this way. It is not always easy, it is not always natural, but in the end it can make a huge impact beyond what we are even aware of. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Time is a Speedy Snail

How can it already almost be a month since the last time i updated?!?! Time seems so go so slow some moments, and then before I know it, another month has passed. This is a good thing in some ways, but an awful thing as far as my productivity goes!
Another month past and another wedding that I was able to go to! Well really there were about three last month I wanted to go to, and another three this month, but life is CRAZY!! I got the awesome opportunity to sing in one of my best friends' weddings a couple weeks ago. She and I have been close friends since the 6th grade, and despite distance and busy schedules we still cherish each other!
Kim Neptune, now Kim Helgen was a BEAUTIFUL bride!! Congrats Tyler on getting a good one! ;)
I also got to have some fun with my new camera at the wedding. SO much to learn still on that thing! Right now its more trial and error. This was one of my favorite shots of their first dance.
Prior to the wedding the youth group went to summer camp. We went to Student Life's camp in Orange Beach, AL. Such a great weekend!! Got to see God move in AMAZING ways in the lives of many of our students. I am blessed to have the job I do! Cuz I get to see things like this...
 Those are hands of our students, raised in surrender and praise to God. How awesome is that?!?!?!?! And to come home and hear about the stand these students are taking for their faith is so inspiring. It can be SO hard leaving behind friends and a lifestyle for something that a lot of people view as "crazy religion". Yet our students are doing it! And encouraging their peers to do the same!!! I cannot express how impressed I am with them! Love these kids!
During one of the sessions at camp they talked about the importance of pouring blessing into others. Whether that be at their schools or even in the form of missions. They gave the opportunity for students and leaders to come forward and choose to sponsor a child through Compassion International. (There's the link if you're interested in finding out more info) After a quick confirmation with Devin that we could do it, we decided to take on the commitment of sponsoring a child. Meet Sifatou. She is 4 years old. Her birthday is four days before Eliza's!
She is from Burkina Faso. We will be her sponsor parents till she graduates secondary school, which is pretty much like our high school here. She is supplied with food, education, bible lessons, housing, etc. I can't wait to receive our first letter from this little girl! I wrote her and gave her a picture of Devin, Trigger, and I.
Our other children have been behaving well. Trigger is such an annoying little brother!!! ALWAYS running after the cat. But Magwell will turn it around and chase after Trigger too from time to time. They loving tolerate each other. Here is a short video to prove it.
Silly boys! And one last critter story! :) I went for a run yesterday on a road near our complex and found this little guy!
I saw him fall from the corner of my eye, and thought it was a leaf. But upon further inspection found a injured hummingbird! He was so weak and let me pick him up. It looked like his wing was broken. I put him next to a tree and continued with my run, but afterward turned back around and ran back to get him. I couldn't just let him die!!! I looked up Wildlife Rescues in the area, and found one in Birmingham. Luckily I was already planning on heading out there that day to do some military paperwork, so I brought him along. They said he looked to be a juvenile, and they will keep me posted on his progress. I fed him some sugar water after I found him, and he perked up a lot! So hopefully he'll make a full recovery with their help.
Don't ask me why I find all these animals, I guess I was just raised to have an eye for the details a lot of people miss. Thanks Mom!!! I love that! I've owned my nature nerdiness over the years :)
The end of this month concludes with being able to go see Devin!!! He gets a few days of pass, where I pick him up at 6am and drop him back off at 10pm. Can't wait to see him!!!!

Love you all! Sorry that this was a little bit more of a lengthy update!

Friday, June 29, 2012

June June June

Well I promised it wouldn't be 2 months since I wrote last. It's been ONE! Baby steps....
This month I've barely had time to even think about this blog, or grocery shopping! So busy!
The beginning of the month started off with a WONDERFUL trip up to Indiana/Illinois to attend Kami and Ray Mauldin's wedding, then to see my family.
The happy couple!!!!!!

After the wedding we continued on to Illinois where we spent a week with my family. Can I just say that it was SO great to be home and not have to feel like I was in a rush because we were only there for a day?!?! Usually my trips home are SUPER short, but this time Devin and I were able to get in some quality time with family and friends.
For those of you who maybe haven't heard already, my dad was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma a couple months ago. My parents were planning a trip to come see us down in Alabama, however this was a little speed bump considering my dad had to start chemo ASAP. A little update on that, he is doing AWESOME!!! Granted chemo really takes its toll on people, but the tumor has shrunk significantly!! He still is riding his bike every once in a while and working when he feels strong enough. My mom has also been an all-star in this whole situation. Definitely my daddy's biggest support next to God.
Here is a picture of my brother-in-law, dad, and Devin from this trip. (Pictured Jon, Steve, and Devin)

Our Bald Boys :)
A main reason for our trip was to give my family a chance to say their final "see you later"s to Devin. His unit's time for deployment has come up and it was important to see everyone before he left. The past couple of months Devin has been going to various trainings. They were kinda trainings for me too. We are collecting emails from friends and family who would like updates on how Devin is doing. I will not be posting anything specific on here due to safety reasons, but anyone who would like to be added to that, let me know!
Before Devin left we got some family pictures taken by his aunt, and had some GREAT family meals too. Here's a couple .

And here's one from one of our many family/friend dinner nights. We played our favorite card game Play 9, and the boys got a little crazy! (Pictured Daylen, Scott, and Devin)

Also last time I posted, I said I would show pictures of our family. Well one member wasn't in those pictures above, and his name is Magwell. Meet our wonderful kitty that we adopted from the local Humane Society!

He is about 2 years old, and love to snuggle. He also loves to play with Trigger. They tolerate each other and playing consists of chasing each other around, but since we've gotten him they have grown so close! I'm sure by the time Devin gets back they will be taking naps together!
There's the last months update for everyone!! I'd say I evened out with pictures and text this time :) Love you all and till next time!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Critters and Catch Ups

Well as informed by my father, I guess it has been too long since I've updated! Sooo I'll try my best to make this short!

I find it difficult to give updates when really all we do is work! But here goes my attempt. Devin has been to and from doing various military training for days at a time. I feel bad for his body trying to get used to messed up sleep schedules! He works the night shift with TPD so he's pretty much nocturnal while he's at home. But with the military its early mornings and early bedtime.

It is officially summer time with the youth group! I thought that would mean a bit more time off....FALSE!!! We have so many activities planned and its going to be awesome!! WHBM is still going well. Loving the people I work with!

I decided to have fun with my hair and change it up a little bit. I went dark! Here's a before and after.

I've added a bit more red to it since this shot, but will be going back to get it touched up again real soon. I wanted to try something different while I could still get away with it. Love Mary Catherine at Studio C who did it all!!! Took me a while to get used to seeing myself with dark hair.

Spring sprang and summer is starting to get hot!! And I know this is nothing yet! I love the warm weather and the sunshine is fantastic! When I can get out and enjoy it.... which doesn't always happen.
I have had opportunities to find fun. Or it has come to me! For those of you who know the littlest about me, you know I love the outdoors and most of the creepy crawly fuzzy critters in it. I want to post some pictures of the ones I've come across the past couple of months.

First, this little guy came into WHBM THREE times!!! We put him in the bushes right outside the store all three times, and he just kept coming back, so I caught him and brought him to our apartment complex and let him loose in our bushes. 

After jumping on my butt and making me chase him for 5 minutes I finally caught him!!

One evening we went out to a friends house in the country. One of Devin's fellow Academy graduates have property with cows!! We went out to the Fair's for dinner, to see baby cows, and to shoot. 

 Baby cow!!! So sweet!
Then this is after my second time ever shooting my little Sig Sauer P238. This was two magazines shot at about 12 yards. Not thrilled, but at least if it was a person, they wouldn't be feeling too great.

One night I heard LOUD frog calls coming from outside at the Walker's house. So I went out to investigate. Found this guy and his girlfriend talking by the pool. :) Second tree frog I've ever caught! I have to keep reminding myself that lizards and tree frogs are common down here and I don't have to put them in a cage lol. I can see them outside pretty much whenever!

Then yesterday while at the dog park, I was walking around the edge of the lake and found HUNDREDS of these little guys! Toad tadpoles. I caught a few and brought them home. I love watching them change, and of course I will release them once they are ready for land. Haven't caught tadpoles in a few years either! :)

It's the simple things in life for me!! Some people relieve stress by shopping, running, or crafts. My stress reliever is spending time with my husband and watching/playing with my pets or other animals. Now let me just clarify. I DO NOT OWN ALL OF THESE CREATURES!!!! I just like catching them and documenting them. Keeps me young lol

I guess the past couple of months have been filled with fun activities! I will post again with pictures of our cute little family! Some may beg to differ on the cute part once it passes Devin and I, but I like to brag nonetheless. Till the next time, which I promise wont be two months!!!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Thoughts of Purpose

The past few weeks Devin's Sunday school has been going over the book/video series Not A Fan by Kyle Idleman. (I have to teach the Youth class so I can't join him in it) We went through the book together as devos a few nights and have started the DVD. Only through one episode of it so far but it has really made us evaluate ourselves and how we are living life. The basic concept of the series is that a lot of people go through life being "fans" of Jesus. Like how people are fans of celebrities or sports teams. You can know every fact about someone, their birthday, favorite color, parents names, etc. However that doesn't mean you know them on a personal level, or ever met them. Maybe gone to a couple concerts and been in the hype of their presence but never truly developed a relationship. Christians can easily fall into this "fan" lifestyle. They know tons of Bible trivia, go to church on Sunday and Wednesday nights, maybe a couple conventions and feel a huge power from great bands and speakers, but once they leave those places life just goes on.
In the Bible it says that God is disgusted by lukewarm Christians. If you think being a "fan" of Christ has been and is enough, boy should you read this series! Christ calls us to be SOOOO much more than fans. He doesn't want groupies. Because what sacrifice does it take to know some stuff and go to church once a week? God should saturate EVERY part of our lives. Not just the churchy parts. Like how many times have you prayed about money? (This was a foreign concept to me for most of my life) Or do you think about the fact that God sees EVERYTHING we type into our search engines? What groups of friends is Jesus allowed to be there for when you hang out, and which groups do you leave him at home? I was and still am guilty of this and other things. Talk about a slap in the face!
Devin and I discussed how through these things we've realized how small our everyday life tasks are in relation to the big picture that God has called us to. Is every single aspect of our lives pointing towards Christ? Are the conversations we are having with coworkers Christ honoring? Are we being selfish with the blessings God has already so graciously given us? How many times do we ignore the Holy Spirit's nudge? I want to challenge you who are reading this to also ask those questions according to your own life. Is there any part of your life that you don't allow Christ into? What changes can you make to better direct your thoughts, actions, and words toward God?
I may post a few more thoughts on this as we continue through the series, but I couldn't just let my heart be changed by this. I hope that maybe it is something you needed to hear as well.
Love Always,

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Finally Some Photo Updates

I promised myself I would not post again until i had some pictures that were blog worthy! So here are few that aren't on facebook and that actually make it look like we do something. Haha.

Well when we first moved into this newest apartment we were almost all moved in except a few cardboard boxes. Then Devin's parents came to visit/bless us with all the stuff he's ever owned from their house. After leaving it in there for a while (since it was stuff he hadn't used in years) and occasionally digging through for specific items; this was the eye sore of our home that was WAY too easily covered by closing the guest bedroom door. Here is the view from when you walk in and looking around to your left. Eeeek!

However with friends coming for a couple days over their Spring Break we finally had a deadline for motivation!!! I took an afternoon off from work last week and this was/is the end result!!! Still have some consolidation to do but at least there's room to work with finally! 

It felt so awesome to have that done! Now, with me working two jobs, I rarely get a full day off from work. I will occasionally get to sleep in and then go in for an evening shift at WHBM, or take a half day off from the church if the major work is done. Today was an actual DAY OFF!!!! Can't remember the last time I had one. It was great! Got to say goodbye to our visitors, then nap for another hour, and then it was brunch with Devin and the guys. After that we decided to go on a family adventure! The weather was perfect today, so we went to Lake Nicol and hiked around the cliffs and woods.

 Looking down!  We hiked a bit more...  And then finally releasing the hound! Haha He went NUTS!!! Running all over and grabbing any stick in sight. He took off down a few paths without us too.

 Then of course don't forget about the digging! If sticks all have the same scent, Trigger has it memorized! He dug just to find one in the mud. Silly Puppy!
Then finally us enjoying our day together! I ended it with Santa Fe soup, with guacamole, and corn bread for dinner. YUM!! (I made plenty so Devin wont starve the next three days without me!) Tomorrow I'm headed to TN with some of the youth group for our Spring Break trip!!
Life is never slow around the Kerstetter household! Just thanking God for guiding us through the craziness! Hope everyone is having a great day and enjoying the little tastes of Spring weather!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jobs jobs jobs. They crazy!

A few BRIEF updates :)
My job with the church is getting better and better each week. Love the kids and feel like as I get closer to each girl I'm gaining little sisters. It's so fun! As much as I love hanging out with them, it hits me like a brick wall sometimes realizing the impact I can have on their lives. It's definitely humbling and makes me check myself and my actions on a daily basis. I LOVE it!
I have officially been promoted at White House | Black Market. I am now a Sales Lead, which is like the lowest management position. Not too different from before, just a little more responsibility. I work with awesome people there and really enjoy my job! Am I weird for liking a retail job...? oh well!
Devin is still in the Academy and wont graduate till April. He's learning a lot and doing some hardcore physical stuff too. He's loving his job and is excited to get out into the field again. This however will be postponed a bit due to his other job, the National Guard.
Devin's Unit is set to deploy this Spring/Summer. I will not put when or where for the safety of our troops, but it will be about 9 months. It's crazy to think about, but I'm SO very proud of him! I'm happy he gets to put his training into practice. This will more than likely be a once in a lifetime experience for him. I'll miss him, but Trigger and I will be waiting when he comes back!
We are still loving our apartment....but are procrastinating about getting things put away and organized. Surprise surprise for anyone who knows me! Hahaha.

Here's me and my little boy sleeping one afternoon after work. It was WONDERFUL!!! Sadly that is the extent of my pictures this time... I really need to get better at that, sorry guys!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Getting Things Together

This year has already proved itself to be a significant one. So far I've had my first birthday as a married woman. It kinda turned into a birthday week with various celebrations with friends, family, and colleagues. Mmm cake and yummy foods! (23 doesn't seem much older than 22. Officially reached the boring birthday years lol)
We are creating new relationships with other 20 something's in the area.
We also hosted our first get together in our new apartment. We had a National Championship party for the LSU vs Alabama game. ROLL TIDE!!! Had some awesome food (not pictured) and then these festive peanut butter balls. :)
Great fun with friends!! It had been so long since we had seen many of them from traveling during the holidays.
We have also accumulated some furniture for our living room. :) Between awesome garage sale deals, and making stuff it kinda looks like a home! Slip covers, paint and wall fixtures are to come!!....eventually.
Living room! (You're not allowed to see the rest of the apartment... its too messy) We are still sorting things we got from Devin's parents, or rather ignoring them in the guest bedroom. Ever notice that when there are big projects to do, everything else just seems like way more fun than working on that project? Kinda feeling the same way about decorating. As fun as it is to daydream on Pinterest, I will have to take like a whole week off just to get my butt in gear to actually work on decorating!
Devin started the State Academy today for the police department! This will be a 12 week program and at the end after his graduation, he will begin with a partner. I guess a lot of it will be review, so that is good news for him.
One resolution I guess you could say, that has shown itself for Devin and I is learning to give things over to God COMPLETELY. And trusting that He will take care of them. As humans we so often have to have our hands in everything, thinking we control our own lives. I don't know about you, but the only place that path has taken me is a dark and lonely one. So silly to think we know better than God, whether its consciously or unconsciously. So as a couple we are trying to learn what that surrender and trust looks like. Feel free to share any pointers!!!
A goal for me: take more pictures!!! I need more to share on here. I fail at taking them lol Till next time!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Years and New Lifestyles

WARNING: Wordy pictures
We had a wonderful first Christmas as a married couple! We drove 12 hours..ish up to Chicago overnight to spend a good long weekend with my parents, Trigger in tow. He did awesome! And we had a great time. Then it was over too soon! Aaaaand I totally failed at taking pictures while at home, but that was due to having so much fun!
Got to see my two bestest friends while there, and it was my first time seeing them since the wedding. Also got to meet up with some alumni from my high school gymnastics days, and literally laugh out loud at how old and out of shape most of us were. I can still flip! ....and still look like a frog.
Since being back Devin has begun shadowing some police officers before heading to the Academy later this month. He's been coming home with the coolest/funniest stories!! He got to actually arrest a few people, clear a house and approach a car with gun drawn. SO COOL!!! I love hearing about his stories each day. My youth job has been pretty slow since it's winter break, but have had a few fun times with girls at our apartment. Nails, movies, hair, and food. Good girl fun! But had to put a password on my phone...naughty girls.
With the New Year here, I've been trying to brainstorm realistic resolutions for us as a couple. Resolutions are so easy just to put off, or do for a little while then "forget" about them. I found a website that encouraged ten simple ones, but I want to go beyond the easy ones. And who says we have to start on the 1st? I want our list to be a good, well thought out list that we come up with TOGETHER. (Which may be more difficult than it sounds) One that we have come up with is be better at training Trigger.
He has A LOT of dominance issues, that are not cute. It is so normal for people to just smack or hit their dog, but through much trial and error, I've realized how wrong it is. People told Devin and I, oh you have to hit them to get them to listen and respect you. DON'T listen if anyone ever tells you this. It broke my heart the day that Trigger cowered when I raised my hand! I immediately started researching other ways. So many people rant and rave about Cesar Milan and his training techniques, however not many people stick to them consistently. We can't exactly afford obedience classes, so its taking a LOT of work to stay on top of this. If you watch any of my updates on facebook, you'll see more than a few rantings haha.
And of course, the typical personal resolution of getting into shape. But this one kills two birds with one stone! The more I go out walking/jogging with Trigger, the more I get in shape and the less crazy he is inside. I can't loose!...unless I don't do it.
I hope that all of you who have made resolutions this year, KEEP them!! Whether its just to get in shape or boost your spiritual life. Resolutions are meant to better ourselves! If Devin and I get around to making a list, I may post it on here for my other newly wed couples! :) Accountability is always appreciated!