Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jobs jobs jobs. They crazy!

A few BRIEF updates :)
My job with the church is getting better and better each week. Love the kids and feel like as I get closer to each girl I'm gaining little sisters. It's so fun! As much as I love hanging out with them, it hits me like a brick wall sometimes realizing the impact I can have on their lives. It's definitely humbling and makes me check myself and my actions on a daily basis. I LOVE it!
I have officially been promoted at White House | Black Market. I am now a Sales Lead, which is like the lowest management position. Not too different from before, just a little more responsibility. I work with awesome people there and really enjoy my job! Am I weird for liking a retail job...? oh well!
Devin is still in the Academy and wont graduate till April. He's learning a lot and doing some hardcore physical stuff too. He's loving his job and is excited to get out into the field again. This however will be postponed a bit due to his other job, the National Guard.
Devin's Unit is set to deploy this Spring/Summer. I will not put when or where for the safety of our troops, but it will be about 9 months. It's crazy to think about, but I'm SO very proud of him! I'm happy he gets to put his training into practice. This will more than likely be a once in a lifetime experience for him. I'll miss him, but Trigger and I will be waiting when he comes back!
We are still loving our apartment....but are procrastinating about getting things put away and organized. Surprise surprise for anyone who knows me! Hahaha.

Here's me and my little boy sleeping one afternoon after work. It was WONDERFUL!!! Sadly that is the extent of my pictures this time... I really need to get better at that, sorry guys!