Thursday, October 18, 2012

Crazy Life Crazy Wife

I cannot believe it has been TWO MONTHS since I last wrote!!! Oh how times flies and NOT in a good way! It seems like life is just flying by while I am moving at snail speed!
The past two months have been filled with LOTS of self discovery. Soul searching one could say. Being responsible for only me, has really shown me how irresponsible I really am. Sure I get things done that have to get done, but do I do them when they should get done? No. I so desperately want to be one of those wives that has the house spotless, enjoys cleaning, has everything decorated to a T, and still has time to do her nails and work out; all while working. Two part time jobs and my lack of motivation makes for nowhere near that goal. I have created a list of things I want to get better at, yet some I have no idea how to get myself to do them. I know how but its putting things into action part that I really suck at. I'm open for suggestions here.
I know I am not the only one who finds curling up on the couch with my puppy and a good show more appealing than doing dishes and organizing closets! My limited free time is not something I want to fill with those projects, yet I know it has to get done eventually. How do some of you super wives do it??? Cuz I am driving myself CRAZY trying to keep up with you!
I greatly underestimated the stress level of living life as a "single" woman. I do have to say though that it has made me increasingly more aware of the blessings that God puts into my life. Whether it be in the form of people, circumstances, items, or words. Just when I am about to go into full blown pity party mode, God reminds me of all the ways He has blessed Devin and I. It's those blessings that keep me going during the tough days. Though time seems to be going by so fast with a lack of accomplishment, it still feels like forever till my Other Half will be with me again.
He is doing well, and making the most out of the time he has over there. I am excited to hear of the many stories he will have when he gets back. Technology has been a HUGE help and blessing. I get to have almost daily contact with him, and a Skype chat about once a week. It almost feels like we are doing the long distance dating thing again! If you'd like to send him a letter or care package feel free to contact me for his address. He loves getting those!!! For a faster, slightly less special approach, he also has access to his computer with email. Devin has truly felt the prayers and hand of God while out and about over there. Divine protection is VERY evident. So thank you to all who are praying for him and us!
A couple fun things that have happened since I last wrote. One of my very first best friends from elementary school got married last month!! I took pictures, but haven't uploaded them yet, so they will be in the next post, or just on facebook. Katie Muir is now Katie Faser!!! She was a beautiful bride and it was so great to come home and share that day with her and her new hubby!
One goal that I made when Devin first left was to be able to run 3 miles without stopping by the time he got back. He has to do this as a normal thing for both military and police training, and I wanted to say that I could too. Slowly I started running more and more. Running with my roommate also helped because she is a speed demon! I had to run faster just to stay within one block of her so I didn't get lost on campus! I heard about a 5K called The Color Run that was coming to Tuscaloosa. While you run the 3.1 miles every 1K they throw colored powder on you. I got a team of friends to register with me and we did it! I did not stop jogging the ENTIRE time!!! I have met my goal early and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Now just to push myself further.  Here are some pics from that fun morning!

I do interesting things every once in a while, so I will try to post when those things happen.
Blogging is not exactly on the forefront of my mind these days, so sorry if it ends up being another 2 months before I post again. I will try to not allow that, but I am making no promises!