Sunday, May 20, 2012

Critters and Catch Ups

Well as informed by my father, I guess it has been too long since I've updated! Sooo I'll try my best to make this short!

I find it difficult to give updates when really all we do is work! But here goes my attempt. Devin has been to and from doing various military training for days at a time. I feel bad for his body trying to get used to messed up sleep schedules! He works the night shift with TPD so he's pretty much nocturnal while he's at home. But with the military its early mornings and early bedtime.

It is officially summer time with the youth group! I thought that would mean a bit more time off....FALSE!!! We have so many activities planned and its going to be awesome!! WHBM is still going well. Loving the people I work with!

I decided to have fun with my hair and change it up a little bit. I went dark! Here's a before and after.

I've added a bit more red to it since this shot, but will be going back to get it touched up again real soon. I wanted to try something different while I could still get away with it. Love Mary Catherine at Studio C who did it all!!! Took me a while to get used to seeing myself with dark hair.

Spring sprang and summer is starting to get hot!! And I know this is nothing yet! I love the warm weather and the sunshine is fantastic! When I can get out and enjoy it.... which doesn't always happen.
I have had opportunities to find fun. Or it has come to me! For those of you who know the littlest about me, you know I love the outdoors and most of the creepy crawly fuzzy critters in it. I want to post some pictures of the ones I've come across the past couple of months.

First, this little guy came into WHBM THREE times!!! We put him in the bushes right outside the store all three times, and he just kept coming back, so I caught him and brought him to our apartment complex and let him loose in our bushes. 

After jumping on my butt and making me chase him for 5 minutes I finally caught him!!

One evening we went out to a friends house in the country. One of Devin's fellow Academy graduates have property with cows!! We went out to the Fair's for dinner, to see baby cows, and to shoot. 

 Baby cow!!! So sweet!
Then this is after my second time ever shooting my little Sig Sauer P238. This was two magazines shot at about 12 yards. Not thrilled, but at least if it was a person, they wouldn't be feeling too great.

One night I heard LOUD frog calls coming from outside at the Walker's house. So I went out to investigate. Found this guy and his girlfriend talking by the pool. :) Second tree frog I've ever caught! I have to keep reminding myself that lizards and tree frogs are common down here and I don't have to put them in a cage lol. I can see them outside pretty much whenever!

Then yesterday while at the dog park, I was walking around the edge of the lake and found HUNDREDS of these little guys! Toad tadpoles. I caught a few and brought them home. I love watching them change, and of course I will release them once they are ready for land. Haven't caught tadpoles in a few years either! :)

It's the simple things in life for me!! Some people relieve stress by shopping, running, or crafts. My stress reliever is spending time with my husband and watching/playing with my pets or other animals. Now let me just clarify. I DO NOT OWN ALL OF THESE CREATURES!!!! I just like catching them and documenting them. Keeps me young lol

I guess the past couple of months have been filled with fun activities! I will post again with pictures of our cute little family! Some may beg to differ on the cute part once it passes Devin and I, but I like to brag nonetheless. Till the next time, which I promise wont be two months!!!!!!