Friday, June 29, 2012

June June June

Well I promised it wouldn't be 2 months since I wrote last. It's been ONE! Baby steps....
This month I've barely had time to even think about this blog, or grocery shopping! So busy!
The beginning of the month started off with a WONDERFUL trip up to Indiana/Illinois to attend Kami and Ray Mauldin's wedding, then to see my family.
The happy couple!!!!!!

After the wedding we continued on to Illinois where we spent a week with my family. Can I just say that it was SO great to be home and not have to feel like I was in a rush because we were only there for a day?!?! Usually my trips home are SUPER short, but this time Devin and I were able to get in some quality time with family and friends.
For those of you who maybe haven't heard already, my dad was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma a couple months ago. My parents were planning a trip to come see us down in Alabama, however this was a little speed bump considering my dad had to start chemo ASAP. A little update on that, he is doing AWESOME!!! Granted chemo really takes its toll on people, but the tumor has shrunk significantly!! He still is riding his bike every once in a while and working when he feels strong enough. My mom has also been an all-star in this whole situation. Definitely my daddy's biggest support next to God.
Here is a picture of my brother-in-law, dad, and Devin from this trip. (Pictured Jon, Steve, and Devin)

Our Bald Boys :)
A main reason for our trip was to give my family a chance to say their final "see you later"s to Devin. His unit's time for deployment has come up and it was important to see everyone before he left. The past couple of months Devin has been going to various trainings. They were kinda trainings for me too. We are collecting emails from friends and family who would like updates on how Devin is doing. I will not be posting anything specific on here due to safety reasons, but anyone who would like to be added to that, let me know!
Before Devin left we got some family pictures taken by his aunt, and had some GREAT family meals too. Here's a couple .

And here's one from one of our many family/friend dinner nights. We played our favorite card game Play 9, and the boys got a little crazy! (Pictured Daylen, Scott, and Devin)

Also last time I posted, I said I would show pictures of our family. Well one member wasn't in those pictures above, and his name is Magwell. Meet our wonderful kitty that we adopted from the local Humane Society!

He is about 2 years old, and love to snuggle. He also loves to play with Trigger. They tolerate each other and playing consists of chasing each other around, but since we've gotten him they have grown so close! I'm sure by the time Devin gets back they will be taking naps together!
There's the last months update for everyone!! I'd say I evened out with pictures and text this time :) Love you all and till next time!