Monday, March 19, 2012

Thoughts of Purpose

The past few weeks Devin's Sunday school has been going over the book/video series Not A Fan by Kyle Idleman. (I have to teach the Youth class so I can't join him in it) We went through the book together as devos a few nights and have started the DVD. Only through one episode of it so far but it has really made us evaluate ourselves and how we are living life. The basic concept of the series is that a lot of people go through life being "fans" of Jesus. Like how people are fans of celebrities or sports teams. You can know every fact about someone, their birthday, favorite color, parents names, etc. However that doesn't mean you know them on a personal level, or ever met them. Maybe gone to a couple concerts and been in the hype of their presence but never truly developed a relationship. Christians can easily fall into this "fan" lifestyle. They know tons of Bible trivia, go to church on Sunday and Wednesday nights, maybe a couple conventions and feel a huge power from great bands and speakers, but once they leave those places life just goes on.
In the Bible it says that God is disgusted by lukewarm Christians. If you think being a "fan" of Christ has been and is enough, boy should you read this series! Christ calls us to be SOOOO much more than fans. He doesn't want groupies. Because what sacrifice does it take to know some stuff and go to church once a week? God should saturate EVERY part of our lives. Not just the churchy parts. Like how many times have you prayed about money? (This was a foreign concept to me for most of my life) Or do you think about the fact that God sees EVERYTHING we type into our search engines? What groups of friends is Jesus allowed to be there for when you hang out, and which groups do you leave him at home? I was and still am guilty of this and other things. Talk about a slap in the face!
Devin and I discussed how through these things we've realized how small our everyday life tasks are in relation to the big picture that God has called us to. Is every single aspect of our lives pointing towards Christ? Are the conversations we are having with coworkers Christ honoring? Are we being selfish with the blessings God has already so graciously given us? How many times do we ignore the Holy Spirit's nudge? I want to challenge you who are reading this to also ask those questions according to your own life. Is there any part of your life that you don't allow Christ into? What changes can you make to better direct your thoughts, actions, and words toward God?
I may post a few more thoughts on this as we continue through the series, but I couldn't just let my heart be changed by this. I hope that maybe it is something you needed to hear as well.
Love Always,

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Finally Some Photo Updates

I promised myself I would not post again until i had some pictures that were blog worthy! So here are few that aren't on facebook and that actually make it look like we do something. Haha.

Well when we first moved into this newest apartment we were almost all moved in except a few cardboard boxes. Then Devin's parents came to visit/bless us with all the stuff he's ever owned from their house. After leaving it in there for a while (since it was stuff he hadn't used in years) and occasionally digging through for specific items; this was the eye sore of our home that was WAY too easily covered by closing the guest bedroom door. Here is the view from when you walk in and looking around to your left. Eeeek!

However with friends coming for a couple days over their Spring Break we finally had a deadline for motivation!!! I took an afternoon off from work last week and this was/is the end result!!! Still have some consolidation to do but at least there's room to work with finally! 

It felt so awesome to have that done! Now, with me working two jobs, I rarely get a full day off from work. I will occasionally get to sleep in and then go in for an evening shift at WHBM, or take a half day off from the church if the major work is done. Today was an actual DAY OFF!!!! Can't remember the last time I had one. It was great! Got to say goodbye to our visitors, then nap for another hour, and then it was brunch with Devin and the guys. After that we decided to go on a family adventure! The weather was perfect today, so we went to Lake Nicol and hiked around the cliffs and woods.

 Looking down!  We hiked a bit more...  And then finally releasing the hound! Haha He went NUTS!!! Running all over and grabbing any stick in sight. He took off down a few paths without us too.

 Then of course don't forget about the digging! If sticks all have the same scent, Trigger has it memorized! He dug just to find one in the mud. Silly Puppy!
Then finally us enjoying our day together! I ended it with Santa Fe soup, with guacamole, and corn bread for dinner. YUM!! (I made plenty so Devin wont starve the next three days without me!) Tomorrow I'm headed to TN with some of the youth group for our Spring Break trip!!
Life is never slow around the Kerstetter household! Just thanking God for guiding us through the craziness! Hope everyone is having a great day and enjoying the little tastes of Spring weather!