Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Proud Wife Moment

This is me having one of many proud wife moments!! Tuesday, Devin got sworn into the Tuscaloosa Police Department, which means he as a BADGE!!! :) Gun to follow, but still had to get out the camera as soon as he came home. He looks so official!
Bad guys beware! Officer Kerstetter coming soon!
He will be starting the State's Academy next month and after that, its really official!
Had to brag,

Friday, December 9, 2011

We Have Moved!!!!

We officially moved into an apartment complex closer into town. We are still in the Tuscaloosa/Northport area though. In our new two bedroom one bath, we feel like we are living in a mansion! We have been here a week and have saved so much on gas too. We are loving it here! Being in our new apartment also means we have our little ball of teeth.. i mean fur... with us. He is so smart! It's a blessing and a curse at this point lol. I will post a few pictures on here of our new place empty and good before shots. Hopefully sooner than later I will be proud to post after more homey shots.... but that means unpacking boxes first. :(

The door you see in this picture is our front door. Then the person is standing in the living area and looking into the dining area.

 Kitchen! Directly to the right out of frame is another door that leads into the hallway. Please note: THE DISHWASHER!!!!!!! And full size oven. :) I'm not happy or anything...

Our HALLWAY! Crazy! Little door on the left is furnace. Then the next is the guest bedroom/storage room right now. Then last door on the left is our bedroom. Last door on the right is the bathroom. Second is water heater. Then first door with a knob on the right is our hall closet. Open door on the right is the kitchen.

Bedroom! Window faces the east so its always SUPER bright in the mornings when the sun comes up.

Trigger just chillin while Daddy plays MW3. Typical night in the Kerstetter Kasa. :) I love my boys!
 Till next time!! Hopefully I'll have more exciting pictures up, or news. As for right now though, its just surviving the unpacking process!

Love Always,
The Kerstetters