Monday, April 29, 2013

[insert and April themed title of your choice] My brain can't think of one!

 Some may disagree, but for me, April has flown by!!! Here are just a few snap shots of fun times from this month. All the other times you can just fill in with work. Cuz thats what it was.

Alyssa, Chalice, Trigger, Juju, and I all went to hang out and tan at Lake Nicol on the first warm weekend of the month. Such a gorgeous day! (It was impossible to get us all in one photo sooo this is all I got)

 Trigger and Boss playing half way through Erica and I's walk along the Riverwalk.

 Katie's birthday party. Gotta love the tomato photo bomb in the background. Love all my girls!

My kitty boys. They love each other lots. And the sunshine. And sleeping in goofy positions.

Devin sent me a hoodie!!!!  Love the color and its nice and big! Gotta love giant sweatshirts!

Went to A-Day! Alabama won!! Hahaha It was a great last A-Day for Alyssa. And my second one ever. Love living in this college town!

Aaaaand went out and did some senior pictures for Alyssa. I'm going to miss my roomie! Although I will be getting a replacement pretty soon. ;) It's crazy to think that she graduates THIS WEEK! One of the most dedicated studiers I have ever seen. So excited for her and where life will take her!

Monday, April 1, 2013

See ya later March!!

So happy that another month is down! And it was a very productive month too!!
-I constructed an entire bedroom set from Ikea, AND it is not falling apart. 
-Hung some more stuff up on the walls.
-Organized stuff to put in the new furniture.
-Aaaand well I guess that's it.

Okay so it feels really productive for me!

This past weekend was EasterFest and Easter. It is so wonderful to be apart of a church that does an event like EasterFest for the community. Seeing the joy on all the kids' faces throughout the morning was so wonderful! And contagious! I can't wait for next year!

It is officially April and next month is MAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been a little less than 8 months since I've seen Devin. It's crazy to think that I have spent the majority of the last year without him next to me physically! But he's coming home SOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!

One of many conclusions that I have come up with over the course of this deployment is that we as humans are not meant to live life alone. Whether it be a spouse or group of close friends, everyone needs to connect. I can honestly say that I would not have made it through this time if it weren't for the blessing of friends and family. Relationships are important! Remember that!

Here are a few photos from the past month.

Trigger wanted to play with this one piece of cardboard, so we drew a mustache on it for him.

 Alex was my rockstar of a helper for some of the furniture. Clearly my critters wanted to help too...

Here was my view of EasterFest as a greeter. Got to welcome in the families!

I got to wander around the festivities for myself and of course got caught up at the petting zoo! Look how sweet this baby duck is!!! They were so soft and fluffy! Reminds me of college days when me and a couple friends decided to buy a couple ducks as pets. Hahaha So cute!! 

Hopefully I will have a few more fun pictures this month. I cannot put pictures up yet of the finished rooms, but I will once Devin is home.

Happy April Fools everyone! I will NOT be participating this year, but hope everyone is having good clean fun!

Love Always,