Monday, April 29, 2013

[insert and April themed title of your choice] My brain can't think of one!

 Some may disagree, but for me, April has flown by!!! Here are just a few snap shots of fun times from this month. All the other times you can just fill in with work. Cuz thats what it was.

Alyssa, Chalice, Trigger, Juju, and I all went to hang out and tan at Lake Nicol on the first warm weekend of the month. Such a gorgeous day! (It was impossible to get us all in one photo sooo this is all I got)

 Trigger and Boss playing half way through Erica and I's walk along the Riverwalk.

 Katie's birthday party. Gotta love the tomato photo bomb in the background. Love all my girls!

My kitty boys. They love each other lots. And the sunshine. And sleeping in goofy positions.

Devin sent me a hoodie!!!!  Love the color and its nice and big! Gotta love giant sweatshirts!

Went to A-Day! Alabama won!! Hahaha It was a great last A-Day for Alyssa. And my second one ever. Love living in this college town!

Aaaaand went out and did some senior pictures for Alyssa. I'm going to miss my roomie! Although I will be getting a replacement pretty soon. ;) It's crazy to think that she graduates THIS WEEK! One of the most dedicated studiers I have ever seen. So excited for her and where life will take her!

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