Monday, January 14, 2013

Blogger FAIL

If there is any few number of you who read this blog you will notice one thing: I am AWFUL at keeping this thing up!! Sorry! So to make up for it.... I am going to TRY to find enough pictures from the past few months that I will create a story for you. :) Enjoy!

My Halloween costume. With all the ladies costumes out there that barely cover anything, I figured I would go with the most conservative costume I could find. :) It also doubles as something to wear to games...right?

Another critter that came into my household early September was a foster kitten. Someone had posted in a local facebook group that they found some kittens in a pipe at their work. I offered to pick them up and find them homes. In the midst of that they found yet another kitten, slightly older. I of course said yes to him as well. The kittens were so young I had to bottle feed them every three hours. After one night of that I found them a surrogate momma cat the next day! However the older kitten I held onto. He was covered in soot, couldn't lift himself up to walk, and his eyes were swollen shut. I later found out that they were found at Hunt Oil refinery which had a fire the previous week. I didn't think he would make it, but after a few baths and some soft food he regained strength. Here is his progress.
My roommate Alyssa and I made our own ASPCA commercial. I was going to narrate it, but would have busted out laughing. But it does a good job showing how pitiful he was.
We named him Blaze because he was in a fire and also because his coloring was white and orange.
About two weeks after I think. Eyes finally cleared. Still weak though.
First brotherly cuddle session that they allowed to be public.
 And let me just say that you need to check facebook for many more overly cute pictures of Trigger and Blaze. Trigger has been his over protective big brother since day one!!!
 Well as an early Christmas present, Devin said that Blaze could stay as a member of our household!!!

 And now he is healthy and handsome!! However as diagnosed by the vet, Blaze was born with a virus that affected his brain development. It has affected his motor skills, but other than bad balance and a goofy walk, he is just as active and cuddly as a normal kitten! I just call it his swagger.

The next adventure that has unfolded over the past three months is my tattoo.
I have faith on one foot, hope on the other, and I had to make love the biggest and most important. 1 Corinthians 13:13. And three things shall remain, faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love. I try to make this a verse to live by daily. And the grace and love of God is so beautiful I wanted to express that in a way that I enjoy.
3 sessions, about 3-4 hours each time.
 I wont lie, the second session hurt the worst. Cuz of the rosebud being so high on the ribs. But I love it!!! So worth it!
And the hubby still gets the hubby of the year award even though he's gone. I was having a rough week, and one afternoon I walked into White House Black Market to work and these were waiting for me!!! He's so sweet!
The in-laws came to Tuscaloosa for Thanksgiving. It was so nice to have family there so I didn't spend the holiday alone! Of course had to do a little family shoot for the Christmas card too!
The family on SEC championship day!
Awkward family photobooth at the Youth Christmas Party!
Got to go home for Christmas unexpectedly! I surprised my family and also got to see my BFF's Jen and Alex. It was SO wonderful!!!
 Then after getting back from Chicago, I got to turn around and go back up to Louisville, KY for the Wesleyan Youth Convention. It was so much fun to see God moving in major ways within the next generation!
And latest has been my birthday! January 10th was my birthday and I had friends surprise me with wonderful cupcakes after dinner! Then we went bowling. Even though I had an absent husband, he still had his part in it, and it was a great birthday!!!

So there you have it!!! 3 months all wrapped up in one blog! Hope it wasn't too long or dull for you!

Love Always,

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