Monday, February 25, 2013

February In a Nutshell

Just a quick photo update of the things of life this past month. Two times blogging in ONE month!! I think I'm becoming a pro at this! ....not.

 Trigger's favorite part of the day is morning cuddle time.

Blaze figured out something that was even more than the playing in the water bowl.... thank goodness he doesn't know how to flush it!

I gave in and got a "trendy" shirt here for Tuscaloosa. Tuskwear is like THE stuff to wear, next to The Shirt Shop. It was too cute to pass up! AND super comfy! However I will not be wearing it for public events with tights and boots. You can go on campus if you want to see that, no need to wear it anywhere else like that.

Videos that have been going viral are these Harlem Shake videos. TONS of people have been doing them and its a clean fun thing to do. Someone organized one on the quad for UA and Alyssa and I decided to go. I wore my haloween costume for it. You can see how it went here: UA Harlem Shake Fail Regardless, I still got my first picture with Big Al!

My wonderful furry family. I know it may seem silly, but these guys are the best comfort on lonely rainy nights.  They have unparalleled snuggling abilities!

And as of this week/once I get all the paperwork done, Devin and I will be the proud owner of a new to us vehicle. Our friend Paul wanted to make the MPG friendly upgrade so we bought his truck. This will be Devin's new toy when he gets back, HOWEVER I will have everyone know that on paper... it's mine! ;) 
And one event that we got ZERO pictures from was my wonderful friend Kim coming to visit for a few days last week! She and I have known each other since 6th grade! Through awkward stages and crappy relationships we stayed in touch and are both now married and adjusting to new lifestyles. It was great to have her here and see where I am at and just share time with her. That means so much to me! BUT we got no pictures... well of the two of us anyway.

Well that is it, short and sweet! I'm awful with remembering to take pictures, so that will be a goal to get better at for next month. Love you all!!!
Love Always,

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